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Are you interested in buying union-made products and/or services? Or are you interested in working for a company where workers at some -or all- of its locations have already voted to join a labor union and they already enjoy the benefits of having a union contract? Then you'll want to view's Union-Made Product/Service Directory. If you already work for one of the companies listed in the directory, but you work at a location where the workers have not yet joined a union, contact us and we'll help you locate the labor union that provides representation for the workers at the other, union-represented locations. Then you and your coworkers can join the union and be stronger, together!

Union Built Computers, Notebooks, Tablets


Union Built PC provides Union Members and Union Offices with custom configured hardware and software designed to meet specific needs.



When's the last time you let your creative side shine? Shop union-made crayons, markers, and more at! Find everything you need to get creative!





Shop trusted retailers such as Stater Bros., Vons, Ralphs, Costco (and more) that employ members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (U.F.C.W.) and International Brotherhood of Teamsters (I.B.T.)! Instacart provides transparent pricing on all your grocery items, lets you choose your delivery time, and offers contact-less delivery.  $10 bonus when you make your first purchase.

Russel Stover

Russell Stover


Russell Stover offers traditional boxes of chocolate, candy gifting, gift baskets, sugar-free candies, seasonal chocolates, and more. So enjoy some delicious treats while knowing that your purchase supports members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, Grain Millers International Union (B.C.T.G.M.) Local 26.




My family recently enjoyed our visit to 'The Happiest Place on Earth'. It truly is one of my two most favorite places to be! We purchased our tickets via the Union Plus Albenity Theme Park Discount Program that's exclusively for Union Members. Through the program, we were able to save even more money off the already discounted Southern California Residents' theme park tickets! You too can plan a trip to Disneyland and, in doing so, support the park employees who make Disneyland vacations so magical! The worker's unions include the Service Employees International Union - United Service Workers West, UNITE-HERE Local 11, American Guild of Variety Artists, Teamsters Automotive, Industrial, Theme Park, Service Sector, and Allied Workers Local 495, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 324, Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers International Union Local 83, American Federation of Musicians Local 7, International Association of Theatrical and Stage Employees Locals 504, and 923, Independent Service Employees Association, Workers United, and Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild.

Before your trip, visit the Disney Store and stock up on your favorite Disney apparel.

Norma Rae

Norma Rae (DVD)


Sally Field won her first Academy Award as a single Southern mother who is gradually won over toward unionization of her work place, a textile mill, by a New York labor organizer, despite the problems and dangers involved. Pick Norma Rae up on eBay, after visiting from your free Rakuten account, so you'll qualify for cashback on your purchase. -New members receive an extra $10 cashback on their first purchase.

Kenmore Washing Machine

Kenmore 20222 3.3 CU. Ft. Top Loaders Washer


Yesterday, I finally decided that I had mopped up the mess of our old, overflowing washing machine for the last time and I brought home this brand new Kenmore washer from Sears. After some research, I completed my order online (first visiting Rakuten for my Sears purchase cashback). Delivery is an option but I elected to pick up our new appliance from our local Sears store. When I arrived at the store, I was greeted by a kiosk that requested the credit card that was used to make the purchase. After confirming my card, the kiosk displayed a visual countdown and stated that my new appliance would be brought out to me in less than 5 minutes or Sears would give me a $5 gift card for my next visit. -awesome! In just over a minute, a friendly Sears employee greeted me with my new washer and we loaded it onto my truck. After hooking it up and starting it for the first time, I was truly surprised by how quiet this machine is (I actually lifted the lid several times to peek inside to ensure that it was on). To my amazement, it was clear that the agitator was working just fine and the machine was washing quietly and efficiently. I am truly impressed! Thank You, members of the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, for making such a great, high quality product!


Hoffa (BLU-RAY)


The life of powerful union leader Jimmy Hoffa is the subject of this biographical drama. The focus is strongly on Hoffa's public and political life, from his early days as a labor organizer to his later conflicts with the Federal government -- and, eventually, his mysterious disappearance. Pick Hoffa up on eBay, after visiting from your free Rakuten account, so you'll qualify for cashback on your purchase. -New members receive an extra $10 cashback on their first purchase.

Bread and Roses

Bread & Roses (DVD)


From acclaimed director Ken Loach comes the gripping story of a group of immigrant workers who take a stand against the million dollar corporations who employ them. Newly arrived illegal immigrant Maya (Pilar Padilla) has just joined her sister on the job as a janitor in downtown L.A. office building. Appalled at the work conditions and unfair labor practices, she teams up with Sam (Adrian Brody), a labor organizer, to fight their ruthless employer. Pick Bread & Roses up on eBay, after visiting from your free Rakuten account, so you'll qualify for cashback on your purchase. -New members receive an extra $10 cashback on their first purchase.

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